Join our research panel.

Have fun and get rewarded for sharing your opinions.

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What is the research for?

Our clients work with us because they want to get the best experience for their users. By asking real people for their views on the content and usability of their product, they are able to make a better experience for their customers, people like you.

What kind of research do you do?

The types of research you will be invited to take part in can vary. Mostly we test websites, apps or games to see how usable they are. Other times we could be testing a product or marketing campaign and need your honest opinions.
The research we do is interesting and fun, we might ask you to take part in a survey or complete an online task for the chance to win a prize. Alternatively we might ask you to join us in an online call to discuss a subject or so we can see how you interact with a website, app or game. When you take part in these kind of studies we reward you for your time.

What kind of people are needed as testers?

We need people from all sorts of backgrounds with all manner of interests. Whatever your job or hobbies we would like to hear from you. If we think you are a match, we will send you a screener questionnaire to narrow it down before inviting you to take part in a study.

Unfortunately we are not looking for web designers, UX designers or people that test websites for a living as this doesn't give an accurate result for our clients.

Will the company know who I am?

Absolutely not, our clients are given a participant number to refer to you during testing and an outline of the details you provide to us. They will not be given access to your name or contact details. In any follow up reports, your test will be referred to by number. You can find out more about this in our Privacy Policy

How will I get paid?

Following the completion of the study, you will be able to select your reward from a number of digital gift cards.

The information you provide is to allow us to match you with relevant research and will not be used for any other purpose and will not be passed to any other parties.