You use a design sprint to fast track your idea

We help you learn through user testing

idea validated with 5 people

The way you currently work...

It's a common belief that you need to launch a product in order to learn from your customers. This typically means many months are spent deciding on and building a minimum viable product (MVP) with the associated cost in order to get this data and learning from any mistakes here can take a long time.

typical lean startup iteration

You should be using design sprints

In a design sprint, a handful of people from around your company commit to a few days of facilitated workshops that consist of around 20 simple excercises. It is the quickest way to guide your team towards a direction based on the real opinions of your customers. The sprint has been tested hundreds of times in the real world by companies like Google, Facebook, Slack and many, many more.

design sprint iteration

design sprint steps

How it works

On the Monday you understand the problem and sketch solutions. On Tuesday decisions are taken by the team on which sketches to build and make into a storyboard. On Wednesday you prototype a solution and then on the Thursday we join in and provide cost effective user testing of your prototype with real people.

What are the benefits?

Innovative solutions to your idea in the form of user tested prototypes.

Videos of the five user tests, showing valuable insights on your idea.

Your team has a clear direction to progress in enabling them to focus.

Understand how to move faster whilst considering human centered design.

If an idea fails, it's only been a week. Saving months over traditional methods.

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