Testing your design is not an optional extra to be completed when you've finished the first draft. Usability testing has become an essential part of every UX designer's process, whether they work for themselves or for a company. This article explains some of the reasons why usability testing remains the gold standard for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of software and web designs.

Definition of Usability testing

Usability testing is a process used to evaluate how easy it is for users to interact with a design. This can be applied to digital products like websites and apps, but also to physical products. The goal of usability testing is to identify any problems that users have so that they can be fixed.

There are many benefits of usability testing, but some of the most important ones are that it can help improve conversions, reduce support costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

When and how to do usability testing

There are many different ways to conduct usability testing, but all methods share some common features. Usability tests should be conducted with a small number of users (5-10 is usually ideal), and should be conducted with live moderation so that observers can see how users interact with the product in its natural environment. Tests should be conducted using scenarios that are representative of the typical user experience.

After the test is complete, debrief with the participants to get their feedback on the test itself and their experience with the product. Be sure to thank them for their time and effort!

How to Conduct a Usability test and tools to do this

There are are many testing tools out there on the market and most likely more being developed as you read this. At Use Ability we use our professional studio set up to conduct live moderated remote testing. We see the participants face and expressions whilst running through tasks, as well as seeing their screen to see where they are clicking and what they are looking at.

Observers from the company testing can watch all this on a live link from their home, office or anywhere in the world. During the test we encourage the observers to ask live questions through the moderator. A vital way to get the why questions answered as the user is actively using the website, app or product and its fresh in their mind.


There are many reasons why usability testing is so important, especially for businesses who want to create a great user experience. By testing how easy it is for users to navigate your website or use your product, you can identify any areas that need improvement. This helps you create a better user experience and ultimately leads to more customers and conversions. If you're not already incorporating usability testing into your development process, now is the time to start!

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