Learning more about your user behaviour will make a massive difference to your success.

Our professional UX designers at Use Ability help you to get to know your customers like never before. Whatever problems you come across in the design process, the right research will enable you to make well-informed and effective decisions.

We’ve helped companies in a range of industries to use UX (user experience) testing and research to their advantage. Your team and stakeholders will benefit from knowing you’re designing a product or service based on real insights.

As a leading UX consultancy, we carry out a wide range of services, including:

  • User research. We use a number of tools which help you achieve valuable insights. This will lead to not only an improved product or service, but better customer retention and improved conversions. Techniques include card sorting, tree testing, 1-on-1 user interviews, online surveys, ethnographic and diary studies, and much more.
  • Usability testing. The quality of your website or app is crucial. All businesses benefit from having a strong online presence. This process uses wireframes, prototypes or finished websites or apps with your users to improve your design.
  • UX audits. This explores how your customers might behave, identifying pain points in your UX and highlighting areas that could benefit from further research.
  • Gamification UX which is ideal for improving your customer loyalty. It can help with back office services like segmentation and scheduling. This process is also brilliant for creating customer focussed reward techniques such as badges, levels and rankings. All of these are excellent retention methods.
  • Research planning using a variety of methods to improve your business. Clients we carry out this type of work for include those in fintech, banking, telecoms, i-gaming and tourism.

If you need an UX designer or researcher for your project, find out more about Use Ability or contact our team for more information.