Having an in-depth knowledge of your customers is crucial for any business. Both your advertising and marketing efforts must be aimed at the right people, while customer retention depends on you giving clients what they want.

User research is extremely important when forming a design strategy, helping you create an optimal product that ticks all the right boxes. It also means you’ll have the data to back your decisions and help identify the people your product is most likely to appeal to.

One way to do this is through the use of iterative testing. This method involves testing a product on users and changing it repeatedly at different stages of design, all based on the feedback and results from the tests you carry out.

Iterative testing is a great way to eliminate usability issues before a product is launched. In the long-run it will save you time and resources making changes down the line.

Iterative user research is just one example of the many techniques we use at Use Ability.

Our experts will work with your staff to build a plan of research that meets your specific objectives. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable solutions that create genuine results. Since our services are competitively priced, it’s easy to perform iterative user research that covers every stage of your project.

No matter how your customers usually interact with you, we will make the most of your main forms of communication. Whether you’re interested in online surveys, 1-1 user interviews or tree testing, these are all services we offer.

We also deliver usability testing for your website to ensure it’s as appealing as possible to customers.

If you need professional and effective user research, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.